PI Apparel Europe 2020: “The Digital Workflow of a Product Developer” by Stitch Academy

Hereby a little reminder to all 3D enthusiasts in my network: PI Apparel – Product Creation (Europe 2020) is coming up soon! The conference was planned to be held in my very own city this year, but our dear friend Covid19 decided to change those plans…

This means a rather exclusive, location-based event has actually turned into a way more accessible-to-all, fully online event now! 🙌

So instead of an in-person, live workshop, I will participate in the online event instead. With STITCH Academy, we will be hosting 4 live sessions around the “Team of the Future”. We’ll explore 4 of the essential roles in the Product Creation process: design, pattern development, product development, and merchandise. Each session will cover the workflow of one of these job roles, and how a new, digital workflow can benefit them! After each session there is some time for a Q&A.

If you want to catch me at the event, make sure you tune in for the third one of our sessions: on Tuesday, focussed on a workflow for Product Development:

Monday 19th of October
09:50 The Digital Workflow of a Pattern Developer
11:35 The Digital Workflow of a Designer

Tuesday 20th of October
09:45 The Digital Workflow of a Product Developer
12:10 The Digital Workflow of a Merchandiser

All times are in CET.

Sign up for the event and the individual sessions via the PI website:

I hope to see you there! 👋